Can a WMQ client automatically reconnect to another queue manager configured in the CCDT without ending the connection to the original queue manager?

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Client automatic reconnection is triggered by a WebSphere MQ queue manager failure or by manually ending the queue manager (such as: endmqm -ir QueueManagerName). If you set more than one queue manager using a Client Channel Definition Table (CCDT) and you would like to connect to another queue manager without ending the original queue manager, (in case of switching from active queue manager to another active queue manager), could you switch the queue manager by stopping the SVRCONN channel from the first queue manager and automatically reconnecting the client or do you need to implement the reconnection logic in the client application?


Automatic client reconnection is triggered by these main factors:

  • queue manager failure
  • heart beat from the SVRCONN channel missing
  • network failure between client/server

If you wish to switch from the active queue manager to another active queue manager you can not utilize the client auto reconnection feature if the connection between client and server is working. You would need to manually implement the reconnection logic in the client application using MQCONN or MQCONNX and reopen the objects.

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