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How to find the total number of label instances in an ClearCase VOB

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How to find the total number of label instances in an IBM® Rational® ClearCase® VOB?


You want to know how many label instances are present in a VOB, not only for one single label but for ALL label types. You can use the cleartool find command and parse the output. For a large VOB or a large number of labels, however, the command works too slowly.


A possible solution is to use the countdb tool from the ClearCase etc/utils folder. Consider the following steps.

  1. Lock the VOB.

  2. Change directory to the VOB db directory.

  3. Run: countdb vob_db.

  4. Unlock the VOB.

The countdb tool reports the record distribution in a ClearCase VOB database. For more information, see technote 1126456: About the ClearCase utility countdb.

The line that holds the label information is the one with: VERSION_LABEL_LINK

CONFIG_REC                      :        543
CONFIG_REC_DERIVED_OBJECT       :        543
VERSION_LABEL_LINK              :        2431
HLINK_TYPE                      :        9

The number reported is the total number of label instance for all type.

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