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FastMap is unable to recognize new drop down value for a field

Technote (troubleshooting)


User creates a new drop down value for an object field. User is able to modify objects and select the new drop down field value. When the object is exported to EXCEL, running a FASTMAP import will throw an error saying that the drop down value does not exist.


Running FastMap Import on an object that was exported will raise an error saying that the drop down field is not valid or does not exist. No edits were performed on the .XLS that was exported.


User had created the drop down value with a trailing space character by accident.

Diagnosing the problem

When the new drop down field label was exported to EXCEL, the trailing space is implicitly removed, so that's why the FASTMAP import was complaining about not finding the value. (FastMap was comparing string with the trailing space vs. string without the trailing space)

Resolving the problem

The following steps resolved the issue:

  1. Open a supported browser.
  2. Go to the OpenPages URL.
  3. Login with an administrator id.
  4. Using the navigation menubar, go to: Administration -> Object Text.
  5. Click on the object type that is being used.
  6. Find the field group and field being used.
  7. Modify the label by removing the trailing space.

Document information

More support for: OpenPages GRC Platform

Software version: 5.5.2

Operating system(s): Windows

Software edition: Edition Independent

Reference #: 1570630

Modified date: 14 February 2013