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Known problems and workarounds for WebSphere Transformation Extender, V8.4

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Use these links to find the latest information about known problems and workarounds in WebSphere Transformation Extender, version 8.4.

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Preloading WebSphere Transformation Extender maps and .mdq files in a z/OS CICS environment
The length of the lpszIdentifier input to the mpiMapLoadMemory method cannot exceed 32 bytes
WebSphere Transformation Extender Oracle adapter crashes if Oracle client 11G maintenance version is earlier than
WebSphere Transformation Extender source map updates are not included when WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit rebuilds a BAR file
WebSphere Transformation Extender Zip adapter support of ZIP64 format
Deploying a revised WebSphere Transformation Extender map to a WebSphere Transformation Extender for WebSphere ESB mediation module
FAQ: What is propagated through a WebSphere Transformation Extender for Message Broker Map node failure terminal when it is connected to a message flow?
XML file fails validation with error: Content of element xxxxxxx is different from the fixed attribute value in the elements schema declaration
AIX APAR causes Launcher to crash or hang when spawning processes on 64-bit WebSphere Transformation Extender
"Deadlock avoided - addrmentry :" entries in the debug log of WebSphere Transformation Extender Launcher
Map card definitions have an XML namespace pairs limit of 5120 bytes
WTX for Integration Servers V8.4.0.3 provides incorrect OSGi integration with WebSphere Business Process Manager versions earlier than V8.0
Required patch for 64-bit WebSphere Transformation Extender V8.4.0.x when using mtsmaker or any 64-bit database adapter
Missing software inventory fix-level tag files in IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender V8.4.0.3 Windows installations
Deploying WebSphere Transformation Extender Map nodes in a WebSphere Message Broker flow generates a DTXPluginNode error or JVM pointer error
Error "unable to initialize variables" during installation of WebSphere Transformation Extender with Launcher
Extending the WebSphere Transformation Extender with Launcher Hypervisor Edition image by using IBM Workload Deployer
The stand-alone information center does not start in WebSphere Transformation Extender V8.4.0.3
WebSphere Transformation Extender Cluster Manager property pages are blank for the Launcher resource
What's New in is missing from the What's New PDF
Launcher result codes > 128 on UNIX systems
On Solaris systems, multithreaded maps that use a lot of memory have poor performance
Java exception with WebSphere adapter on WebSphere Transformation Extender V8.4
On z/OS systems, the WebSphere Transformation Extender ODBC adapter cannot retrieve tables that have XML columns
WebSphere Message Broker V8.0 message flows that contain WTX nodes cause their Execution Groups to abend
The Deploy Definition dialog of the Integration Flow Designer does not retain the selected file path
The standalone information center in V8.4 doesn't start when Mozilla Firefox is the default browser
Intermittent fault during startup in a multithreaded environment when maps use the EXIT function
Intermittent abend during stress testing in WTX with Launcher or WTX for Integration Server products on 64-bit platforms
Null pointer exception can occur when using WebSphere Adapter 7.5 runtime with maps created with a different runtime version
The "Invalid metadata location" message occurs when WTX uses XML System Services
In WTX for Sterling B2B Integrator, a WTX map service or Sterling B2B Integrator service fails with "Could not open work files" error
WebSphere Tranformation Extender e-mail adapter syntax correction: -SUBJECT variable
Synchronizing type trees and converting type trees
Map Designer stops responding
PACKAGE function causes data conversion that is incompatible with an adapter
Type or map name contains question marks
Invoking and causes unsatisfied link errors on AIX 6.1 64-bit
Tools do not work or work incorrectly with maps that use Java-based adapters
Maps that use any e-mail adapter fail at runtime
WebSphere adapter importers do not create a TX schema for all the schemas the adapters import
The navigation pane of the information center does not display on some Microsoft Windows operating systems
WebSphere FTP adapter generates an OverlappingFileLockException error
WebSphere FTP adapter skips the topmost level of hierarchical business object during an outbound create, append, or overwrite operation
Maps fail when both the Oracle client library and the DB2® client library are installed
Map with WebSphere FTP adapter source and WebSphere E-mail adapter target generates null pointer
Invalid output from generated XML type tree that contains nillable elements
Multiple, unused directories and files are created at runtime in the %TEMP%\.com_ibm_tools_attach directory
WebSphere Adapter for E-mail outbound function returns "-1003: Function name is not specified" error
PDF documentation is not available on the Web
Specify an absolute path on the DTX_LOG_RES_ALIAS environment variable to create a Resource Registry trace file
Configuring WebSphere ESB to use the WebSphere Transformation Extender map primitive on USS platforms
Error occurs when map uses WebSphere Transformation Extender for WebSphere ESB map primitive with wired input and output cards that have /body as the XPATH
Map directories used by the WTX Map primitive in WebSphere Transformation Extender for WebSphere ESB
Removing a Launcher system without shutting down other WebSphere Transformation Extender Launcher systems
Configuring WebSphere ESB to use WebSphere Transformation Extender in a WebSphere ESB multi-server environment
IBM MQ Adapter example produces unexpected results
WebSphere Message Broker IC69077 APAR: Multiple execution groups that share an input directory for FileInput nodes can experience contention in creating a lockfile and generate a BIP3315 error in the syslog.
WebSphere Transformation Extender for Application Programming used with WebSphere Application Server fails frequently due to Java heap corruption in WebSphere Application Server
WebSphere Transformation Extender custom functions might produce compiler errors
Importer type (-T) option of the WebSphere Transformation Extender dsxmlconv utility command is not required to be specified
On all Microsoft Windows operating systems, the WebSphere Transformation Extender installation directory must have Write permission for the logged-in user.

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