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Performance affected when drag & drop large number of e-mails containing large attachments

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Using the Lotus Quickr Connectors within your Lotus Notes client, you drag and drop a large number of messages that contain large attachments to a place. Your Notes client does not respond for some time until the upload finishes, and you notice that your CPU spikes to 100%.

Resolving the problem

Moving emails to Quickr was not designed as a data migration or backup solution, nor was it designed in a way that performs well with attachments over 10 MB in size.

The practical implication of this design decision is that, as a best practice, users should not drag and drop more than 30 emails at a time or emails with attachments over 20 MB.

Not following these best practices can degrade performance.

To see better performance, you can drag only the attachment itself into Quickr, which avoids the need to do an .eml conversion. (It is worth noting that MIME emails, similar to eml files, can have up to 30% overhead in their size making the resulting MIME data and/or eml files much larger than the actual size of the attached data.)

When dealing with large files and attachments, it should also be noted that the Connectors might, themselves, have to wait for Notes to download the attachment to the local file system before it can upload the document to Quickr (the attachment cannot go directly from the Domino server to Quickr) and Notes itself might be slow when dealing with large attachments.

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Software version: 8.5

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Modified date: 12 October 2013

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