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How to prevent a reboot when using-updateAll in IBM Installation Manager

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How do you provent a reboot when you use -updateAll in IBM Installation Manager (IM)?


IBM Installation Manager causes a reboot after the update, when you use -updateAll instead of a response file. When you update IBM Rational ClearCase using imcl.exe -silent -sVP -updateAll, your computer will reboot at the end of the update.


Use both the rebootLater and the -updateAll flags inside a response file.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<agent-input rebootLater='true'>


<repository location='\\fileserver\Software\ClearCase\7.1\win\disk1'/>


<profile installLocation='C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC' id='IBM Rational SDLC'>





  • The -updateAll flag will cause IM to search for and install all updates that it can find for the products that you installed in the specified installLocation.

  • You can specify the product repositories inside the Installation Manager preferences, in the repository location argument of the response file, or both.

  • You can start the silent update through the folowing command line.

    <code>]...\Installation Manager\eclipse\tools\imcl.exe -silent -sVP -input C:\responsefile.xml

  • For more information consult the Installation Manager Information Center about command line arguments and response file content.

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