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How to add a help connection to the online RPE information center

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How do you add a connection to the online information center in IBM Rational Publishing Engine (RPE)?


If RPE was installed with the local help option chosen, then the standard remote help connection to the information center is not created. The remote help connection can be then be created if remote help is preferred since the local help requires updating while the remote help pulls data from the online information center which is updated frequently.



  1. Open up RPE Document Studio

  2. Go to Window > Preferences

  3. Expand Help

  4. Click Content

  5. Select either option for Remote Help option under Configure Information Centers
    • Include remote help and give local help priority
    • Include remote help and give it priority

  6. Click New to set up the connection and use the following configuration values.
    • Name: RPE Help
    • Host:
    • Path: /infocenter/rpehelp/v1r1m1
    • Protocol: http
    • Port: Use the default

  7. Test the connection. With an internet connection If configured correctly connection the results should indicate "Connection status: Successful"

  8. Click the Enable button. to ensure your remote connection is enabled

  9. Click OK to finish

  10. Click Help > Help Contents in RPE to verify your remote help configuration

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