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Transactions to SAP fail with WebSphere Message Broker v7.0.0.3 during runtime: Replace WebSphere Adapter for SAP's jar

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Transactions that involve SAP Input/Output nodes fail with WebSphere Message Broker v7.0.0.3 during runtime.

"CWYAP3071E: The adapter cannot find local transaction support in the current resource adapter, which is required for Queued RFC (qRFC) behavior. The IDoc is being processed using Transactional RFC (tRFC). Message: Queue Name Explanation=The IDoc is being processed using tRFC. Because local
transactions are not supported, qRFC cannot be used. UserAction=Use the _TX version of the RAR file
to run the qRFC call.'


When the SAP Input / SAP Output nodes are used with the WebSphere Message Broker v7.0.0.3, the underlying WebSphere Adapter for SAP's version will be Using this version of the adapter, will result in transaction failing with messages such as - "Adapter returned null from StructuredRecord.execute() in WebSphere Adapter for SAP Software".

Additionally, in the cases where the node is configured for tRFC / qRFC, there wouldn't be any exceptions reported - however, the adapter will be functioning in non-transactional mode.

Customer can check adapters transactionality from below steps:
Open the CWYAP_SAPAdapter.jar and traverse till \CWYAP_SAPAdapter.jar\com\ibm\j2ca\sap\ and open the file


if supportsLocalTransaction=LocalTransaction then Tx version of the SAP adapter is used. This is the one to be used for WMB runtime.

if supportsLocalTransaction=NoTransaction then non-Tx version of SAP adapter is used. Should not be used for WMB runtime.

Reason -

This is due to the incorrect SAP Adapter jar in the WMB Package.

Solution -

Replace the CWYAP_SAPAdapter.jar in the following folder, with the jar in the 'Attachments' section below.

<WMB Installation>\adapters\prereqs\jars

Note : WebSphere Message Broker has to be stopped prior to the replacement of the jar

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