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FSM 4.5.0 FP1 does not successfully install on FSM 4.5 environments that contain DB2 9.1 or 9.5.

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During the installation of IBM FileNet System Monitor (FSM) 4.5.0 FP1, one of the final SQL statements is not supported in DB2 v9.5 and earlier releases. DB2 v9.7 users are not affected.


FSM 4.5.0 FP1 installation fails if the FSM 4.5 database uses DB2 v9.1 or v9.5. An SQL statement that is executed at the end of the installation is only valid in DB2 v9.7.

A System Administrator must install FSM 4.5 FP1 and must perform some fundamental DB2 activities such as using DB2 Control Center and executing SQL commands in this workaround.

  1. The Administrator must first attempt to install FSM 4.5 FP1 on the existing FSM 4.5, if that has not already been done at this point. The installation will fail, but this is expected.
  2. To verify that the failure was due to the issue described in this Flash Alert:
    1. Start DB2 Control Center (DB2CC).
    2. Connect to the FSM database with the same user that was specified when initially installing FSM.
    3. Verify that the value of LVL in the DB_PTCHLVL table is 126.

      IMPORTANT! If the value of LVL is not 126, do not continue. The FSM 4.5 FP1 installation failed on another step. Contact IBM support for more information.

  3. Given that the value of DB_PTCHLVL.LVL is 126, the following four SQL statements must be executed. If any particular statement fails, do not proceed. Stop and contact IBM Support.

    Verify that you are connected to the FSM database as the DB2 user that was used during the FSM installation.
    Also, where "<schema name>" is specified in the following statements, replace that text with your actual schema name for the FSM tables. The schema name is case sensitive, so you must use the correct case (for example, "WEBADMIN"."RLS_SCRPTS" is not the same as "webadmin"."RLS_SCRPTS")

    You can copy, paste, and modify the following text to eliminate having to manually type the statements.

    ALTER TABLE "<schema name>"."RLS_SCRPTS" ADD COLUMN "SCRPT_CD" CLOB(1000000)

    Due to the way this sample text is formatted in the browser, the following image of these same commands will eliminate any confusion on the syntax and spacing.

  4. Now the DB_PTCHLVL.LVL must be updated. You just performed the step that failed in the installation program, so the LVL must reflect that this step was performed.

    Open the DB_PTCHLVL table as you did in Step 2. Update the value to 200, click Commit, then click Close.

  5. After all of the previous steps have been performed, install FSM 4.5 FP1 again. Now that the DB_PTCHLVL.LVL is 200, the installation program continues with the rest of the required installation steps that were not performed on the previous installation attempt. The InstallAnywhere installation should succeed.
  6. This Flash Alert pertains to the InstallAnywhere step in the FSM 4.5 FP1 readme file (step 6). Be sure to perform all the remaining steps specified in the readme file to complete the FP1 installation.

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