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A punch out connection error _ERR_PROCUREMENT_INVALID_SUPPLIER_COOKIE occurs intermittently when a customer tries to connect to a storefront.


The following error intermittently occurs when executing the PunchOutCatalogDisplayCmd:

PunchOutCatalogDisplayCmdImpl.performExecute supplier cookie expired

PunchOutCatalogDisplayCmdImpl performExecute _ERR_PROCUREMENT_INVALID_SUPPLIER_COOKIE

This error occurs intermittently, so if the customer continues to try to connect to the storefront punch out site, they are eventually able to connect successfully.


Punch out uses a cookie (Supplier Cookie) to help establish the session for the user. This is stored internally in memory, but may be lost when in a clustered environment if the memory structure is cached. In this case, the cause would be that the object cache for WCSharedDistributedMap is missing in the configuration.

Diagnosing the problem

If the replication type settings in WCSharedDistributedMap are different or missing among two servers, the requests might be bounced back and forth between the two servers in the cluster instead of remaining on the first requested server by reference to the JSESSIONID.

"Both Push and Pull" is required to allow the SupplierCookieTable to be shared amongst the servers.

Resolving the problem

Verify and check to make sure the object cache is defined and cache replication is enabled and create if necessary:

1. Login to the WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console

2. Navigate to: Resources > Cache instances > Object cache instances

3. Set the scope to the cluster level

4. Click New to create a new object cache instance. Fill in the required

fields as follows:

Name: WCSharedDistributedMap

JNDI name: services/cache/WCSharedDistributedMap

Cache size: 2000

Default priority: 1

Dependency id support should be checked.

Enable cache replication should be checked.

Full group replication domain: <YOUR_REPLICATION_DOMAIN>

Replication type: Both push and pull

Push frequency: 0

Document information

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Software version: 6.0, 7.0,

Operating system(s): AIX, IBM i, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1569601

Modified date: 20 January 2012

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