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Collecting and Submitting DB2 diagnostic data for Smart Analytics or Balanced Warehouse Systems

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How to collect and submit diagnostic data for DB2 problems on Smart Analytics or Balanced Warehouse systems


Diagnostic data required to analyze DB2 problems on a Smart Analytics or Balanced Warehouse System


Support will require the following files which should be collected as soon as possible after a failure or error message has been detected:

· Details of command used leading to problem.

· Date/time of command execution if known.

· Identify if problem is related to a single data node or database partition

· Output from the db2support command.

Generate the on the administration node and on the physical node where the trapped database partition resides using the command:

db2support <output dir> -s -d <database name> -c

If you are facing problems on more than one node collect on all affected nodes.

More details about the db2support command can be found in the Information Center for DB2:
Collecting data for DB2

Upload the data to IBM following the instructions here:
Submitting diagnostic information to IBM Technical Support for problem determination

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