Migration Manager reset auto number seed

Technote (troubleshooting)


Migrating Object changes in Source resets autoseed numbers in Target.


1. Add a new attribute (table column) to WORKORDER table (Or any table) in test


2.. Use Migration Manager to migrate the WORKORDER object from Source to

Target (Use DATADICTIONARY or any Migration Group containing Migration Object structures DMMAXATTRIBUTE, DMMAXATTRIBUTECFG)

3.. After deploying the changes in production the wonum autoseed value

is changed to what it was in test.


This has been identified as a product defect under APAR IZ65653

Resolving the problem

The issue has been fixed in Version Rel

For versions prior to, you will need to run update statements to make the object attribute restricted and therefore not use the value that comes in the package.

Update Statements:(Replace Objectname and Attributename as applicable to your objects)

update maxattribute set restricted=1 where objectname='WORKORDER' and attributename='WONUM';

update maxattributecfg set restricted=1 where objectname='WORKORDER' and attributename='WONUM';


It is best to run on both Source and Target database to avoid being used by the migration package.

You will then need to recreate the package and redeploy it.

Values will now come from the Next Autokey rather than supplied from the source package.

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