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InfoSphere Information Server connectors integrate with Guardium Database Security



The InfoSphere database connectors can be configured to report DataStage context information to the Guardium Database Activity monitor.


The connectors can report the DataStage user, project, job, and other useful information during a job execution to a Guardium enabled server. In the context of DataStage, the connectors will report:

  • Server hostname
  • Project name
  • DataStage user name
  • Job name
  • Invocation ID
  • Stage name
  • Node ID

This allows an administrator to monitor all access and changes initiated by InfoSphere database connectors to a target database system and see exactly which stage in a job executed which SQL.

To enable Guardium integration for the database connectors, an environment variable, CC_GUARDIUM_EVENTS, should be created and set. For example, you can set CC_GUARDIUM_EVENTS=TRUE. The CC_GUARDIUM_EVENTS environment variable would typically be set on the DataStage engine tier in the dsenv file for Unix platforms and as a system environment variable for Windows. Setting CC_GUARDIUM_EVENTS at this level allows connections made by all IBM InfoSphere tools that use connectors to be monitored by Guardium. When this environment variable is set, all connector stages in a DataStage job will report context information to the Guardium enabled server after the initial connection is established.

Guardium integration is supported with the DB2, DRS, DTS, Netezza, ODBC, Oracle, and Teradata connectors on both parallel and server canvases.

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