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Collecting Data: ITCAM for Applications - Extended Agent for Oracle

Technote (troubleshooting)


Collecting Data documents for ITCAM for Applications - Extended Agent for Oracle (RZ)

Diagnosing the problem

Collecting Data documents for Extended Agent for Oracle used to aid problem determination and reduce time resolving PMRs (Problem Management Records)

Resolving the problem

Identifying the problem
To research the problem prior to submitting a PMR start with these pre-filtered searches

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APARS and Fixes (Portal Search)

DCF Solutions (Portal Search)

PMR Searches for IBMers (Wellspring)

L3 and Developers Wiki and Best Practices for Oracle Extended Agent


Gather Documentation
  1. Stop the Oracle Extended Agent
  2. Set RAS1 trace settings below
  3. Reconfigure the Oracle Extended Agent
  4. Recreate problem and take screen print of issue
  5. Process <install path>/bin/tacmd pdcollect from the command line

Send the pdcollect jar/tar file, screen prints, and all useful Oracle environmental information including oracle logs, listener.ora and tnsnames.ora files if required

Oracle Extended Agent Trace Settings
    Update the Oracle Extended Agent environment file:


    • <install path>\TMAITM6\KRZENV

    • <install path>/config/rz.ini

    Set trace values for KBB_ RAS1 and KBB_RAS1_LOG

    • KBB_RAS1=ERROR (UNIT:krz ALL) (UNIT:knz ALL) (UNIT:kra ALL)
    • KBB_RAS1_LOG set the following for more and larger log files


    Further specific filtering options, remove krz above and use only specific UNIT

    1. krzalert: the Alert Log component
    2. krzbasic: the basic functions component
    3. krzcomm: the common connection component
    4. krzmutex: the event and mutex component
    5. krzora: the OCI(Oracle Call Interface) related functions component
    6. krzxml: the XML component

Delivering Collected Data​​
Upload files using the website along with the PMR number.
Or upload files for review to the following FTP site: Log in as anonymous and place your files in the directory that corresponds to the IBM Tivoli Monitoring component that you use.

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More support for: Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Applications
ITCAM Extended Agent for Oracle Database 5724V09OR v6.3

Software version: 6.3, 6.3.1

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

Reference #: 1568279

Modified date: 07 April 2014

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