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Knowledge Collection: Common Notes & Domino Mail Routing problems

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This collection provides links to technotes and articles relating to common Notes and Domino mail routing problems.


SMTP inbound issues:

Technote #1089998: Domino server is not receiving any inbound SMTP messages
Technote #1108352: How do you configure Lotus Domino for secure SMTP sessions using the STARTTLS extension?
Technote #1092370: How to prevent Domino from being Used as a relay host
Technote #1238930: Error: 'SMTP Server: Authentication is not enabled...' after upgrade. Internet sites issue
Technote #1095102: How to trap inbound SMTP messages on a Domino server
Technote #1104959: Restricting inbound SMTP mail to users listed in the Domino Directory
Technote #1090405: How to stop incoming mail addressed to just the last name
Technote #1093342: Attachments to messages received from the Internet are named as winmail.dat

SMTP outbound issues:

Technote #1568052: Using Telnet to test outbound mail. It is suggested to test from the OS of the affected sever
Technote #1420956: One stop shop for troubleshooting Domino and DNS
Technote #1417504: AntiVirus running on operating system
Technote #1088993: Trapping outbound SMTP MIME information

Router/ issues (NRPC mail routing):

Technote #1390024: Duplicate mails received when email is addressed to user in "To" field and group is listed in "cc" field, where user is a member of the group
Technote #1406895: Duplicate mail received if 'To' field lists group and 'cc' field lists group member's Internet address
Technote #1571899: One stop shop for troubleshooting disappearing messages
Technote #1571485: Dead Messages in
Technote #1216631: Mail is not routing and 'Waiting for Directory Availability' appears repeatedly on the server console

Journaling issues

Technote #1207651: Configuring System Mail Rules and Mail Journaling
Technote #1230699: Inbound Internet mail for multiple users is journaled multiple times

Message tacking issues:

Technote #1165592: What is Message Tracking (aka MTC, Mail Tracker Collector) and how is it used?
Technote #1182271: Incorrect results from Message Tracking Center (MTC) reports
Technote #1221830: How to recreate the Message Tracking Store database and MTDATA subdirectory
Technote #1238727: Error: 'MT Collector: Failed updating entry in message tracking store
Technote #1516042: Error: 'MT Collector: Failed updating entry in message tracking store...' No documents Found

Message recall:

developerWorks Article: Using the Message Recall feature in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino V8
Technote #1266480: How to determine why a particular message could not be recalled
Technote #1431589: If a message is recalled, will anyone know message recall took place?

Network related issues:

Technote #1086718: How to ping by packet size to establish Maximum Transmission Unit [MTU] for TCP/IP


Technote #1414623: Understanding IMAP/POP3 and the advantages of both protocols


Technote #1097014: Troubleshooting tips for basic POP3 connectivity using Telnet

Global Domain Document:

Technote #1297369: Understanding the Lotus Domino Global domain document

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