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Why am I getting the following errors on a wait call to the monitorService?

LoadBalanceRequest Failure
DPR-DPR-1035 Dispatcher detected an error.
Cannot forward affine request because no node ID was specified. The request is malformed.

ServiceLookupHandler Request Failure
The server did something wrong
DPR-ERR-2072 The request failed. It was directed to a server that is not reachable.


When using Axis 1.4 (default for Cognos version 10 and up), you need to clear the header and add the response header (also known as round-tripping) when continuing a conversation. This applies to all services (monitor service, report service, etc.).
When a service responds with a status of working rather than complete or conversation complete (or whenever there is a response header), you must copy the response header to the request header before issuing the wait.

In the provided code, if the BiBusHeader from the response is not null, it is not incorporated into the request header. This results in the errors reported above.

For more details, see the following section in the Software Development Kit Developer Guide:

Managing Service Headers

This can be found under Using the BI Bus API->SDK Coding Practices and Troubleshooting->Coding Practices

For background details specific to using Axis 1.4, see the following section in the same guide:

What's New->New in Version 10.1.0->Support for Axis 1.4->Upgrading to IBM Cognos BI Version 10.1.0->Upgrading Java Applications for Axis 1.4

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