Configuration of agent fails with farm already exists message.

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Tivoli Storage Manager for SharePoint agent fails in configuration


It is possible for a Tivoli Storage Manager for SharePoint agent to fail configuration with the following message.

The farm name already exists, please rename the farm for the agent

Diagnosing the problem

When performing configuration of the agent, the following message is seen.

The farm name already exists, please rename the farm for the agent

However, the agent is part of the specified farm.

Resolving the problem

The farm ID can be copied from an existing agent that was installed successfully and is in the same Microsoft SharePoint farm.

The farm ID can be found in the following file.

C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\SharePoint\DocAve5\Agent\data\VCEnv.cfg

Here is an example of that file

<VaultClient agentName="Talc" agentAddress="Talc" agentType="8590331392" agentType2010="3584" port="20103" logLevel="3" agentLCID="1033" property="" default="false" socketMode="0" sslMode="0" certificatePath="docave.pfx" netPassword="" netUser="" netDomain="" location="C:\Program Files (x86)\Tivoli\TSM\SharePoint\DocAve5\Agent\temp" defLogin="true" tempFileSaveDays="7" serverCertificateName="docave" selectedSPSearch="False" delRunningJobs="true" transmission="0" FarmName="Farm(TALC:SHAREPOINT)" FarmId="918ca6f8-f485-4ae1-86b4-f9e0154f275b" archiveSerRestart="true" hitFrequency="100/7" bufferUpper="100" bufferSize="5" rcConfig="00" JobHistoryRetention="14" useBatch="false" processWindowsInfo="true" fileSenderTimeout="18000" compressLevel="defaultcompress" CIID="20100212131531914#-1#IBM#37" useArchive="false">
<VaultServer host="Gypsum" port="22000" />
<SmsBrowser BrowserTimeOut="30" />

Note the farm ID in bold. This is the value that should be copied from the working agent into the VCEnv.cfg file of the failing agent.

Once the farm ID has been copied over, the configuration can be completed for the agent.

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