The security certificate for the Content Manager OnDemand Applets has expired

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The Line Data Viewer and AFP2HTML applets included with the IBM® Content Manager OnDemand Web Enablement Kit (ODWEK) have been refreshed for V8.4.1.8 to update the security certificate which had expired.


The new certificate will expire on the following date, Tue Oct 01 17:59:59 MDT 2013.

To eliminate the expired security certificate warnings users may be experiencing, replace the following two files on the ODWEK server:

  • ODAfp2Html2.jar
  • ODLineDataViewer2.jar

These V8.4.1.8 JAR files can be obtained by installing the ODWEK V8.4.1.8 fixpack or downloading them from the Related information section.

Note: The V8.4.1.8 applets can be used with previous ODWEK versions from V8.4.1.0 to V8.4.1.7. Also, you may need to clear your browser cache to allow download of the new applets.

Related information

Download ODWEK V8.4.1.8 applets

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