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Where can I find technotes to supplement the upgrade instructions in the InfoCenter?


This Knowledge Collection is being broken into 2 sections – one for 2.X to 3.X or 3.X to 3.0.1.x upgrades and one for 3.X to 4.X upgrades. You must upgrade to 3.X before upgrading to 4.X. We recommend upgrading to the latest 3.0.1 fixpack before the upgrade 4.X.

Upgrading from RTC3.0 or CLM 3.0.1.x to CLM 4.x

In addition to the Interactive Upgrade Guide for CLM 4.X, there is the CLM 2012 Upgrade Guide, which contains important information, including a Frequently Asked Questions section.

With CLM 4.X/CLM 2012, workitems related to CLM upgrades are captured in workaround articles which you can find in these locations:,4.0&project=rational-team-concert,4.0&project=rational-quality-manager,4.0&project=rational-requirements-composer,4.0&project=jazz-foundation,2.0&project=rrdi

Upgrading from CLM 2.X, RTC 3.0 or CLM 3.0.1 to CLM 3.0.1.x

In addition to the planning and Interactive Upgrade Guide support for upgrading from CLM 2.X releases in the InfoCenter, there is a specific section for upgrading from 3.X to 3.0.1 and fixpacks.

If you are using RRDI, you must also update the RRDI Report Templates. See the "Upgrading reporting artifacts' topic in the CLM 3.0.1 infocenter for how to do this update.

There are additional articles for planning upgrades from CLM 2.X on In particular, you may find the Frequently Asked Questions article and the CLM 2011 Upgrade Workshop article extremely helpful.

There are also a few work items related to CLM upgrades that have been technoted. They are:

178506: "Restore Initial Content" action performed on an RRDI report can break the report.
Technote published -

177623: Upgrade of existing data warehouse did not update the VW_REQUIREMENT_TESTPLAN_LOOKUP view
Technote published -

170867: Using IE8 or 9 as a browser, RRDI reports that have been imported and then upgraded to 3011 from 301 will not connect, either in reports view or dashboard viewlets.
Technote published -

177103: Warning in JFS Storage diagnostic after upgrading RTC and JTS from 3.0.1 to
Technote published -

179892: upgrade script fails for to upgrade
Technote published:

Upgrade script failed: Not reading the file properly (177128)
Technote published:

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