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Can you redistribute Object Execution Framework (OXF) files generated by Rational Rhapsody

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Can you redistribute Object Execution Framework (OXF) files generated by IBM Rational Rhapsody?


Rational Rhapsody is a visual programming environment that enables you to create an embedded software application by creating a graphical, object-oriented model and generating production-level code from that model.

Code generation in Rational Rhapsody is framework-based. It includes a fixed, predefined framework called the Object Execution Framework (OXF), and the generated code reuses that framework.


There is no run time charge to use Rational Rhapsody generated code in an application.

But distribution of framework source code is not allowed.

The redist.txt file discusses the distribution of framework files. This file is part of the Rational Rhapsody installation and can be found in the Rhapsody folder.

Additional information is stated in the license agreement in the chapter "Redistributables".

For English you find the license agreement in <RhapsodyInstallDir>\licenses\en.html

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