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This document describes how to use the IBM Support Assistant (ISA) Lite for IBM Rational System Architect. IBM Support Assistant Lite is a tool that provides an automated way for user to gather initial data needed for the Rational support team to analyze problems relating to the Rational System Architect product.
*NEW* Web enabled data collection tool - ISA Data Collector for Rational System Architect is available!



General Information on the Web enabled ISA Data Collector is available in the link below. This includes system requirements and browser support.
The Web enabled data collection tool specific for Rational System Architect can be accessed at the link below. All the collection options are available.

ISA Lite for IBM Rational System Architect is a tool that provides automated data collection capability specific for Rational System Architect products 11.4.x and 11.3.x . If you need to provide information to the IBM support team, you can use this tool to quickly gather information needed for troubleshooting.
This package contains one general data collector option as is described below.

  • You need an IBM ID and password to download ISA Lite. Register here if you do not already have one.
  • Use the JAVA JRE 1.4.2 or greater to run ISALite. A valid JDK is generally available if you had IBM Installation Manager or any Rational Eclipse based product installed on your system. Some common locations are:
    • <Installation Manager Install Location>\eclipse\jre_5.0.3.sr8a_20080811b\jre
    • <RationalSDLC location>\common\JAVA5\jre
    • <RationalSDLC location>\jdk\jre

Downloading and Launching ISA Lite:
  1. Download ISA Lite for Rational System Architect from:
  2. Extract the .zip file in a folder.
  3. If your platform does not have an unzip utility, you can use jar to unzip file: jar xf
  4. In the same folder, cd ISALite
  5. If Java is available in your path , simply run: runISALite.bat 
  6. If Java is not available on your path, ISA Lite will prompt you for the path. You can also set JAVA_HOME first:
    • Example: set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\common\JAVA5.0. This path should contain a "bin" or "jre" directory.
    • Once this is completed, run: ISALite.bat or runISALite.bat -console to run in console mode

Using ISA Lite (non-console mode):

Once you have launched ISA Lite:
  1. Select "System Architect General Collector" to run
  2. Fill in the Filename field.
  3. Click the Collect Data button to start data collection.
  4. (Optional) Click on "Show execution details" to see the collector execution details.
  5. When finished, simply close the window.

    Using ISA Lite (silent mode):

    To automate ISA collection and or to run silently, review the following two documents that discuss performing a silent recording, and a silent playback from command line:
    see section : Using ISA Lite for Remote Collection, starting at "To further simplify ..."

    Using this technique you can record an ISA execution, and subsequently playback from command line silently.

Data Collected:
  • System Event Viewer logs (Application, Security, System)
  • General Network Information
  • System and User Environment variable
  • User accounts on machine
  • Software installed on machine
  • Contents of "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Telelogic\System Architect" directory
  • Configuration and log Files:
    • Sa2001.log
    • saprops.cfg
    • license.log
    • license.dat

Walk through Information Panel:

This panel describes what information is being gathered.
    Click OK to continue. The collector will gather data then request feedback and provide upload options.

    Continue to Data Collector Completion Options & Uploads for additional information

Data Collector Completion Options & Uploads:
When the collector is completed, it will request feedback about ISA. Select Yes, to provide feedback. Select No to continue.

You'll also be provided with data upload options. This will allow you to send the collected data to IBM or another location via FTP or HTTPS.

IMPORTANT: To upload information to IBM, you will need to have a PMR number. This is obtained when you work with our support team. If you do not have a PMR number, but do have a support contract, you can leverage the Software Support page to open a service request and include the collected data with the service request. IBM Service Request Page:

The upload options are:

  • Send the Logs to IBM using secure transfer (HTTPS). You will need a PMR number to transfer the data to IBM. This sends the collected data to IBM Support team through the HTTPS protocol.
  • FTP the Logs to IBM Support (unencrypted). You will need an PMR number to transfer the data to IBM. This sends the collected data to IBM Support team through the FTP protocol. This is a less secure option.
  • FTP the Logs to a Different Location (unencrypted) This allows you to send the collected data to another location using FTP. You will need to provide the target FTP location and appropriate authentication to access it.
  • Do Not FTP the Logs. Do nothing.

Click OK to continue. If you choose options other than 4 above, you will need to fill in additional information required to complete the upload.

When the collector completes, the .zip file is created at the location specified in Output File name. You can use any unzip tool to extract the files to examine the content of collected data.

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