Repair Storage button is not enabled in Any-to-Any HW Restore

Technote (troubleshooting)


"Repair Storage Automatically" or "Open TestDisk" cannot be executed in Any-to-Any Hardware Restore utility because "Repair Storage" button is not enabled.


In case a black screen is displayed when restarting the system after the BMR restore is complete, it can be resolved by running "Repair Storage" in Any-to-Any HW Restore utility. However, "Repair Storage" button is disabled in case TestDisk tool isn't located on the proper folder in BMR bootable CD.

Resolving the problem

"Repair Storage" button is enabled only when %windir%\system32\TestDisk\win\testdisk_win.exe is found in BMR bootable CD.

To locate the tool in the proper folder, do the following steps when a creating BMR bootable CD.

  1. Download the latest version of TestDisk image from
  2. Extract TestDisk files from downloaded TestDisk image
  3. Copy testdisk_win.exe and other extracted files into %FastBackBMR%\TestDisk\win folder.
    where, %FastBackBMR% is the work folder to create BMR bootable CD image.

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