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Workspace values persist after product uninstall

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If IBM Rational Rhapsody is uninstalled and then reinstalled, the workspace values for the online help associated with the previous product instance persist. If the non-default local option was selected previously, it will remain in effect for the new product installation instead of the default remote option.


When Rational Rhapsody is uninstalled, the help folder which is installed as either @userhome/RhapHelp or @userhome/RhapsodyHelp, are deregistered but are not deleted from the user's system. If the product is reinstalled, the existing workspace values are used in the new product instance. If the user previously downloaded the documentation, instead of the default remote preference being set for the product, the help preference will be for the local documentation option.
Note that, with the new product install, any help infrastructure changes will be installed and updates to the local help will also be automatically downloaded/installed when the help is first invoked from the new product installation even if the workspace preference is set to local. It is only the workspace settings that will persist from the previous release.

Resolving the problem

After uninstalling the product, delete the help folder @userhome/RhapHelp or @userhome/RhapsodyHelp. This will ensure that any workspace preferences from the previously installed product are deleted and the default remote option will be in effect the next time you install the product.

If the new product is already installed, close the product if it is open, delete the help folder @userhome/RhapHelp or @userhome/RhapsodyHelp, open the product, and then open the help to use the default remote help preference. Or you can change the help preference to remote if desired by following the instructions in the help system (Using the help>Configuring help>Changing the location of help content).

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