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The Active Directory Changelog Connector is not processing changes as expected.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to intercept Active Directory changes using the AD Changelog connector result in the situation where changes are not processed by the IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator assemblyline when using IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator AD_Changelog Connector.


Assembly line remains in an "Iterating" state.


An environment change has occurred on the Active Directory Domain Controller that has changed the uSNChanged attribute.

The uSNChanged attribute is not replicated, therefore reading an object's uSNChanged attribute at two different domain controllers will typically give different values.

The uSNChanged number is used to indicate an order in entries changed. The entry may be changed several times, but only the uSNCreated (original) and uSNChanged numbers are stored.


IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator and the supported platforms of the Active Directory Changelog Connector.

Diagnosing the problem

Review the IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator ibmdi.log and/or other log files generated by the assemblyline.

Resolving the problem

To verify/validate a uSNChanged value with the Iterator State Key value in TDISysStore.

  • Create a test assemblyline to verify connection to the AD change log and capture the uSNChanged value.
  • Compare the value returned in the test assemblyline with the Iterator State Key value stored in the system store.

To change the AD Changelog Connection Parameters.
If you need to modify the TDI AD Changelog server parameter of your TDI change monitoring assembly to point to a new replica, then you should:
    • wait until no changes are occurring in AD, thus be caught up processing on the current system
    • stop the TDI AL processing on the current system.
    • In the TDI Configuration Editor, you can remove the attribute and value using the "delete push button" on the Connector Connection parameter tab AND on the same connection configuration set Start at value to EOD.
    • Restart the assemblyline processing configured for the new target.

***NOTE: The "Persistent Parameter Name" AKA Iterator State Key value, stored in the IDI_PS_Default table of the SystemStore, must be deleted to allow the Start At - EOD value to be used. This is because when a "Persistent Parameter Name" is defined in the system store the value is used for processing, and the "Start At" is ignored. You may also Browse Server Stores > Select the Server > Open > Expand Property Stores > Expand IDI_PS_Default to delete the ID/Entry.

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