How to setup and access Queuewatcher to monitor queue allocation

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How to setup and access Queuewatcher to monitor queue allocation


If you need to see how your system is handling its Queue allocation, you can enable the SterlingIntegrator/Gentran Integration Suite queueWatcher page.
(This is the same setting found in, but DO NOT modify the value found there).

This modification will allow you to do the following:
        - monitor SterlingIntegrator/GIS queues
        - check node workload info
        - view details on active or waiting threads.

For related information on the queueWatcher, please refer to the SterlingIntegrator/GIS documentation (located on the Sterling Commerce Support website)
for "Performance and Tuning Guide" and "Monitoring Node Statuses".

So as to not get these changes overwritten with the next build or patch, add the following (in red) to
(If does not exist in the <<em>install_dir</em>>\SI\properties windows directory, create a new file called
and place it in the existing properties directory:
<<em>install_dir</em>>\SI\properties    (for Windows)  
<<em>install_dir</em>>/properties         (for Unix/Linux)


To make the change take effect, restart SterlingIntegrator/GIS.

If set up successfully, you should be able to access Queue Watcher using http://GIS:Port/queueWatcher
        If your SI/GIS ApplicationServer was named EDIPROD01
        and your base GIS port was 25000
        to access queuewatcher you would use http://EDIPROD01:25000/queueWatcher

Sterling Integrator, Release 5.0, build 5001 (see NFX5503)
Gentran Integration Suite, Release 4.3
Gentran Integration Suite, Release 4.2
Gentran Integration Suite, Release 4.1
Gentran Integration Suite, Release 4.0

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