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IBM Sterling Gentran:Director shows data was sent OK to an SMTP/POP3 mailslot on the IBM network, but it is not visible in Document Tracking

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IBM Sterling Gentran:Director shows data was sent OK to an SMTP/POP3 mailslot on the IBM network, but it is not visible in Document Tracking)


After a communication session, the document is no longer in Out Documents (no green paper)
The document is not stuck in Processing
The document is not stuck in the Send Queue.

The Communication Log shows a successful session.
The interchange does not show in Document Tracking
The trading partner may or may not receive the interchange


When the Mailbox was set up either in Connection Manager or in Gentran:Director of the software, there was a typo in the e-mail address field. That error causes the sent interchange to be associated with the wrong mailbox, so it is not visible via Document Tracking. If that was the only problem with the interchange, it will go on to your Trading Partner. If there were any other, fatal errors (for example as an error in the receiver ID, and that incorrect ID does not exist on the network), then the interchange will not go on to your trading partner,


Communicating with IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network

Resolving the problem

Correct the e-mail address in Connection Manager

  1. Find the password card for your mailslot and double check the e-mail address (Note: If you cannot find your password card, contact IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network Support. Also, this e-mail address is only for use by Gentran:Director. It is not the address you use to send everyday e-mail messages that are not related to EDI.)
  2. Open Connection Manager
  3. Click on the "Trade Secret Notice" that pops up to make it go away
  4. Click on Configure > Mailbox Setup from the main menu. A window titled "Mailbox Setup" will open.
  5. If there is only one mailbox in the list, it will be highlighted already. Just click the Edit button. If there are multiple mailboxes in the list, then highlight the mailbox you want to adjust first, and then click the Edit button. In either case, a window titled "Edit Mailbox" will open.
  6. Correct the entry in the "E-Mail" field and, as necessary, the "Reply-To" field to match the e-mail address on your password card.
  7. Click the Apply button, then click the OK button. The Edit Mailbox window will then close.
  8. Back at the Mailbox Setup window, click the Close button.
  9. Close Connection Manager
  10. Confirm with your Trading Partner whether or not they received the interchange the first time. If they did receive it, then you are finished. If they did not receive it then, as necessary, contact IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network Support to find out the fatal error in the sent interchange with the wrong e-mail address. Correct that error, then resend the data.

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