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InfoSphere Warehouse support on IBM POWER7 systems

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How do I get InfoSphere Warehouse to run on IBM POWER7 systems?


InfoSphere Warehouse is fully supported on POWER7 systems starting version 9.7.3. Customers who purchased InfoSphere Warehouse 9.5.x, can also run their DB2 database (including DB2 Query Patroller, WebSphere Federation Server Relational Wrappers and IBM data server clients) on 9.5, after applying the necessary DB2 fix packs that support POWER7. However, the InfoSphere Warehouse integrated installation program and other supporting programs that are included with InfoSphere Warehouse 9.5.x might not install properly on POWER7 systems due to the level of the JDK included with the installation package. These warehousing supporting programs should be upgraded to the InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.3, which supports DB2 9.5.x.


Running InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.3 on POWER7 systems:

InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.3 is fully supported on POWER7 systems. IBM recommends version 9.7.3 or later as the best solution for customers who want to run all the InfoSphere Warehouse components on POWER7 systems.

Running InfoSphere Warehouse 9.5.x on POWER7 systems:

If you are using InfoSphere Warehouse 9.5.x, then you are entitled to support for the following products on IBM POWER7 systems:

  • DB2 Enterprise Server Edition
  • DB2 Query Patroller
  • WebSphere Federation Server Relational Wrappers
  • IBM Data Server clients

However, the InfoSphere Warehouse integrated installation program included in version 9.5.x is not supported on POWER7 systems. Users will need to install each of the above products using their own specific installation programs. After you install these products, make sure that you update the license using the license files that are provided with the InfoSphere Warehouse.

Before running DB2 9.5 on POWER7, ensure that your levels of AIX and DB2 9.5 support POWER7. For more information, see " Preparing for DB2® product installation on POWER7® Systems".

For DB2 database products, see " Installation requirements for DB2 database products." Note that the DB2 products must be at the exact same fix pack level when installed in the same environment. The latest DB2 database product fix packs can be found on Fix Central under Product Group "Information Management" and Product "DB2".

In addition to the four products listed above, InfoSphere Warehouse includes a group of programs that provide an ecosystem of warehousing capabilities around the DB2 database. These programs are considered "supporting programs" for the DB2 database. They include the InfoSphere Warehouse integrated installation program, cubing services, data mining, text analytics, the SQL Warehousing Tool, Design Studio, the Administration Console, and WebSphere Application Server software. These supporting programs are tested with each DB2 fix pack that is released so that you can keep your base DB2 database environment at the latest level.

IBM strongly recommends upgrading the InfoSphere Warehouse 9.5.x supporting programs to 9.7.3.

If you cannot upgrade your DB2 database to 9.7 fix pack 3 or later and you are using the supporting programs included with the InfoSphere Warehouse 9.5.x, then IBM recommends the following approach:
  1. Keep your DB2 database at 9.5 level and apply the minimum DB2 fix pack level that supports POWER7. DB2 fix packs can be manually applied to the software mentioned above using the individual component's installer.
  2. Upgrade the InfoSphere Warehouse supporting programs to version 9.7.3. All the supporting programs included with the InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.3 support DB2 9.5 database as the underlying warehouse engine. By upgrading the supporting programs to the InfoSphere 9.7.3 release you are moving to a fully validated environment for the supporting programs and you can make use of the integrated installer to install the supporting programs on your system. If you are unable to upgrade the InfoSphere Warehouse supporting programs to version 9.7.3 and you are moving to POWER7, please contact IBM Support.

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