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Deploying XTAF dictionaries to Notes clients via a Widget Catalog

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How is is possible to publish a XTAF dictionary to a Widget catalog in order to allow end User drag & drop installation?


An enhancement to make this process more clearly defined has been identified as a product enhancement under APAR LO64063


Steps to deploy dictionaries via widget catalog

nb. Users may need OS-level administrator access with Lotus Notes, in order for them to successfully follow the steps on this Technote, and implement the dictionaries.

1) First download the XTAF dictionary files suitable for the Note client version in use, for this example the client is 8.5.2, the XTAF is

2) Create an Widget Catalog nsf from the template on your hosting Domino server, further information on this is covered in Infocenter documentation: -

3) Widgets need to be enabled in the client either -

i) Manually via preferences

ii) Or alternately can be pushed down using a desktop policy

When the setting is successfully pushed to the client the statusbar will reflect this

3) Extract the to a location of your choice; the expanded archive will contain further compressed archives relating to the language, for this example we will concentrate on adding an Italian dictionary, so extract the following archive

4) Create an Eclipse Update Site nsf from the template on your hosting Domino server, further information on this is covered in Infocenter documentation: -

5) Select the 'Import Local Update Site' button & browse/select the site.xml in the language chosen

Once imported you will see the language listed

6) You will need to build a link to this application in order to complete step (8)

Determine the replica ID of the Eclipse Update site application, from the application properties information tab -> Replica ID listing

In the case above, we have 80257912:003FDCCC

Strip the colon character from the string, which should be like this

Build your link to the Eclipse Update Site like so

In this case the link will be

7) Using the Widget sidebar now enabled in your client, configure a Widget like so

8) For the URL, use the link made from step (6) & selecting the Load button.
Select the checkbox for the Feature ID & select the Next button, select the Finish button.

6) The widget will be visible in the Widget Sidebar panel

7) Right-clicking on the Widget will allow the option to publish it to the Widget catalog on the server for other Users

Now any User given reader access to the Widget Catalog, can using the Browse Widget catalog have the option to drag/install the dictionary using the My Widgets sidebar panel.

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