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How to enable debug mode for rad_db?


You can enable the debug info by adding line "set -x" inside the rad_db script.

(1) First, make a backup of rad_db in $TBSM_HOME/bin.

(2) Next is to add "set -x" in functions that you're interested to see the debug info within the rad_db.

Example, if you want to debug the resetdb function invoked from rad_db, then you can add the "set -x" into the resetdb functional block as shown below:

A command of rad_db setupinit was executed and snippet from the outputs showing debug info would be:

+ echo Initialising the RAD database for the first time ...
Initialising the RAD database for the first time ...
+ initlog
+ touch /opt/IBM/tivoli/tbsm/log/RAD_db.log
+ [ 0 = 0 ]
SQLLOG=1>>/opt/IBM/tivoli/tbsm/log/RAD_db.log 2>&1
+ eval chmod a+rw /opt/IBM/tivoli/tbsm/log/RAD_db.log 1>>/opt/IBM/tivoli/tbsm/log/RAD_db.log 2>&1
+ chmod a+rw /opt/IBM/tivoli/tbsm/log/RAD_db.log
+ db_stop
+ db_status
+ db_get_pid

Do not forget to disable the debug info back by removing the "set -x" after all the troubleshooting / analysis has been done.

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