Verbalized BOM elements are not available in RTS .NET

Technote (troubleshooting)


BOM elements available in Visual Studio/Rule Studio cannot be used in Rule Team Server (RTS).


- Some rules are in error in RTS while the same compile fine in Visual Studio:

      The word '...' is expected in place of '...'.
      Variable '...' is not declared
      The word '...' is not required.

- BOM elements available in Studio are missing in the RTS rule editor drop-up menu.


RTS has no access to the XOM (eXecution Object Model) and can only rely on the BOM (Business Object Model), so types not defined in the BOM cannot be used in rules.

Resolving the problem

Import in the BOM all types used in the BOM as return value and parameter, and republish the project to RTS.

For example, when verbalizing a BOM element such as:

      public returnType ClassName.methodName( paramType param);

You must ensure that all referenced types are in the BOM ( returnType, ClassName, paramType)

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