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The purpose of this document is to clarify the support to be provided when either IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software or IBM Rational Application Developer Standard Edition for WebSphere Software is running in a Virtualized Environment that is not explicitly supported.


For the complete listing of the officially supported Virtualized Environments, see the 'Hosted Development Environments' section in the detailed system requirements for the targeted version of the product:

Resolving the problem

Virtualization technology provides transparency to the operating systems, middle ware, and applications that operate on top of it. Virtualization allows a single physical machine to be partitioned into multiple physical or logical partitions with each partition providing the look and feel of an independent operating system. Each partition is called a Virtual Machine or Virtual Environment.

Each Virtual Environment represents a complete system, with processors, memory, networking, and other system resources.

IBM Support for virtualization
If you submit a standard usage or defect related service request and Rational Application Developer is running in a Virtual Environment that is not officially supported, IBM Rational Application Developer Support will make reasonable efforts to resolve the problem. We will assume the issue is common to both native and virtual operating environments. If we suspect that a problem is the result of the virtualization technology, it may be necessary to recreate the issue in a native environment before providing continued standard usage or defect related support. This will guide subsequent ownership of the problem for further troubleshooting. Rational Application Developer Support will not provide support or assistance with the set up and/or configuration of Virtual Environments. Customers looking for support setting up Virtual Environments should consult their respective vendors.

Partitioning hardware into multiple virtual servers could have an affect on performance. Rational Application Developer is sensitive to processor availability and overall memory constraints so virtualization may make resource availability unpredictable. Therefore, Rational Application Developer Support can make no guarantees with respect to performance or scalability in a Virtualized Environment. We support that our product installs successfully in the Virtual Environment and runs without losing functionality or significant performance.

Ensure that the product you intend to use is supported by the vendor for use in a certain type of Virtual Environment.

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