Tables may display incorrect results when working in Locale mode and producing tables with non-English characters, (i.e., SPSS Statistics is not running in Unicode mode)

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An issue has been identified in IBM SPSS Statistics 20.0 where, when working in Locale mode and producing tables with non-English characters, tables may display incorrect results. Table values may be reported in the wrong cell or not reported at all.


The following products are affected:

Product Name
5725A54 SPSS Statistics Desktop 20.0 (Including Grad Packs)
5725A58 SPSS Statistics Developer 20.0
5725A56 SPSS Statistics Server 20.0
5725A55 SPSS Statistics Faculty/Author 20.0
These are the conditions that can cause this issue to occur:

You are using non-English characters for variable names, variable labels, value labels or string values.

In the Edit->Options->General tab, under “Character Encoding for Data and Syntax” you have selected “Locale’s writing system” instead of “Unicode (universal character set)”.

If the results then include a table with row or column headers that are strings or variable names with non-English characters, it is possible that the table will be incorrectly displayed. The exact problem may vary, but the most common scenario is that if you have a table with rows "X" and "Y", the "X" row's values will be overwritten with the "Y" row's values, and the "Y" row will be missing.

For example, instead of:

Descriptive Statistics
Valid N (listwise)

You will see:
Descriptive Statistics
Valid N (listwise)

APAR PM47177 has been logged for this issue and an interim fix is available for download with installation instructions.

NOTE: This problem does not occur when working in Unicode mode. Launch the application and before opening any data, go to Edit->Options->General tab, and in the lower right select “Unicode (universal character set)” instead of “Locale’s Writing System”. You should then have no issue.

The contents of this Alert is based on the best-available information as of the date of its publication. While every attempt has been made to provide guidance on the known issues at the time of publication, the Alert may not describe all of the circumstances under which the issue described above may occur, and may not provide a resolution for every occurrence of the issue. We continue to work to provide a comprehensive solution. All additional information will be documented in subsequent editions of this Alert and posted on the IBM website.

WARNING: Failure to follow these important instructions may result in incorrect values. You are responsible for implementing these changes to ensure that your system remains current with this alert. Under no circumstances is IBM or its suppliers responsible for loss of, or damage to, your data.

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