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GENERATE BACKUPSET can have incomplete set of files in a backup set.

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GENERATE BACKUPSET can complete with success status but have an incomplete set of files in the backup set .



There is a problem with GENERATE BACKUPSET command in Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 servers. The problem is GENERATE BACKUPSET can have an incomplete set of files in the backup set, complete with success status, and report no error message. This can happen if GENERATE BACKUPSET is run simultaneously with data movement operations such as migration, reclamation, and MOVE DATA. If the data involved in the GENERATE BACKUPSET is also involved in the data movement operation, this can cause the GENERATE BACKUPSET to unsuccessfully retrieve the data from storage, not include the file in the backup set, not report a file is skipped, and end with success status.

The problem is fixed with APAR IC77801. Apply the fixing maintenance level. When the fixing maintenance level is applied and the GENERATE BACKUPSET command fails for the reasons described, the following ANR3548E error message is displayed.

ANR3548E <Command>: Retrieve or restore failed - file was moved or deleted from data storage during retrieval.
Explanation: The server ends a file retrieval operation for the specified command because the file has been moved or deleted from data storage by another process before retrieval is complete.

System Action: The server ends the command .

User Response: Contact your administrator to find out if space reclamation, migration, DELETE FILESPACE, DELETE VOLUME, MOVE DATA or inventory expiration processes are running; these processes can move or delete data storage files during retrieval. Reissue the command after these processes have been completed or canceled.

Avoid simultaneous storage pool data access and data movement operations.

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