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Separator sheets not recognized with IBM Datacap FastDoc Capture

Technote (troubleshooting)


When scanning batches using the separator sheets provided, FastDoc Capture does not recognize the image as a separator sheet and treats it as a normal image.


The scanner is not creating a sufficiently high enough quality image for the barcode to be detected.

Diagnosing the problem

Zoom the image to see the nature of the distortion. This might include:

  • Black areas that are speckled instead of solid.
  • Extraneous lines through image.
  • Blurring or poor resolution of image.

Resolving the problem

Review the scan configuration settings to determine which ones will eliminate the distortion. If the Image Enhancement feature is on, try turning it off.

Document information

More support for: Datacap FastDoc Capture

Software version: 1.1, 1.2

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1514640

Modified date: 11 January 2012

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