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Steps to Increase the Cryptographic Keys for OpenPages CommandCenter / Cognos

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What are the steps an OpenPages / CommandCenter administrator can follow to increase the key lifetime within Cognos?

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life time

By Default, the lifetime  for the keys is set to 365 days( after which they will expire). In most cases, there is no need of change from the default value: 365.
If you need to change this value then follow below instructions:
In Cognos Configuration, Under Environment, Cryptography, 'Common symmetric key lifetime in days' is the value that specifies the maximum number of days that the CSK is valid.

You can increase this to a desired value.

After this you must regenerate the keys.

If a too large number is set for this property, error messages like CAM-AAA-0203 may appear in the browser when users trying to log into Cognos.

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