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An OpenPages Administrator is Unable to Change the Default Value of an Enumerated String

Technote (troubleshooting)


When an OpenPages administrator attempts to update the default value or add another value to an enumerated string (dropdown field), the following message occurs: OP-01318 Please specify a valid name for the enumerated value.

Resolving the problem

Prior to OpenPages FCM 4.x or OpenPages 5.x, blank enum values for drop-down properties was accomplished by having a value that contained a space character.

Beginning with FCM 4.
x, this was no longer necessary.

In OpenPages 5.x, an error will occur if you try to change the default value to be blank in order to remove 2 blank values from the drop-down.

Attached to this solution is a SQL file that will rectify this situation by changing the label for the enumeration from " " to "<blank", then hiding this
value.  The procedure for running it is as follows:

1. Stop all
OpenPages services.

In a CMD, run the attached sql as follows:
openpages/<PASSWORD>@<DB_ALIAS> @fix_blank_enums.sql

openpages oracle user password
   <DB_ALIAS> = database instance used for
OpenPages application

3. Start
OpenPages services by starting AutoExNt service.

If you have objects that have this property
value set, you can write a SCOR ruleset to change the property value for the object to be blank (if not required).  The value would need to be set to one of the drop-down values if the property is required.

Related Error Messages:
Error Message OP-01318 Please specify a valid name for the enumerated

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