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The OpenPages OPBackup utility fails to backup database for SOXExpress 3.x

Technote (troubleshooting)


When trying launch OPBackup for SOXExpress 3.x, it is failing with a BUILD FAILED message.

Resolving the problem

When running OPBackup.cmd, it fails to backup the DB.  The following error gets reported in the op_sox_backup folder in a log file (check the file generated at the same time as that of the backup).

file:%WL_HOME%/aurora/bin/op-sox-backup-recovery.xml:364: Execute failed: CreateProcess: exp openpages/openpages@sox9i file=openpages.dmp STATISTICS=NONE error=2

To resolve this issue do either of the following

1.) Open the op-backup-recovery.env  file and ensure that the value for ORACLE_HOME is properly set.

2.) If the value for ORACLE_HOME is missing from the op-backup-recovery.env  file then modify the  "/BEA/wlserver6.1/aurora/bin/op-sox-backup-recovery.xml" file using wordpad and replace all occurences of
executable="exp" with executable="c:\oracle\ora92\bin\exp.exe".  This assume oracle home is c:\oracle\ora92.

3.)  Additionally, modify the opbackup.cmd file and set Oracle home to:

set ORACLE_HOME=c:\oracle\ora92.

The above assumes oracle is installed on c:\

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