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SA IOM 2.1.0 and SA IOM 2.1.1 FAQ

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Frequently asked questions about Tivoli System Automation for Integrated Operations Management (SA IOM) 2.1.0 and SA IOM 2.1.1.


1. Has an end of Support date been announced for SA IOM 2.1.0?
No end of Support date has been announced for SA IOM 2.1.0.
Refer to the IBM Software Support Lifecycle Web site for the latest updates.

2. Has SA IOM 2.1.0 FP6 or FP10 been certified for use with Windows7?
- SA IOM 2.1.1 is the first version that was fully tested.

3. What new function is in SA IOM 2.1.1?
- SA IOM 2.1.1 includes the FixPak fixes for SA IOM 2.1.0 - up to FixPak 10, an installer update for Windows, Windows 2008 and Windows7 support.

4. Regarding SA IOM 2.1.1 and Windows 2008 support. Does that imply that the server component of SA IOM 2.1.1 could run on a Windows Server machine?
- Yes, SA IOM runs on both W2003 and W2008

5. Does the SA IOM 2.1.1 Server component support running on a Virtual Machine (VM i.e. a Virtual Workstation or Virtual Server)?
- Yes, it was tested.

6. How do I order SA IOM 2.1.1?
- Order SA IOM 2.1.1 through your IBM Passport Advantage account.

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