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Where can I find the Fix Packs for the embedded WAS (eWAS) and HOW do I apply the Fix Pack?


From time to time there will be a need to apply Fix Packs to the embedded eWAS to resolve various issues ranging from code correction to security issues.

Therefore there is a need to be able to apply Fix packs to the eWAS to resolve such issues


The embedded eWAS is updated in the same manner as a standalone install of WAS, using the standard UpdateInstaller. The readme for each fix pack identify and details the steps to apply the Fix Pack.


However, there is one major difference between the WAS and eWAS application making the eWAS different than WAS. eWAS uses different Fix Packs than standard WAS.


The eWAS fix packs aren't listed on the standard fix pack download pages because we discourage customers from installing any eWAS fix packs without the approval/acknowledgement of the parent product; Consequently so we let the parent products link to the eWAS fix packs.


Point to the IBM Support url:



then in the "search" window in the upper right-hand corner insert the phrase "wasembedded Fix pack"


You will get a list of various technotes related to this subject. Choose the one you are interested in.


Alternatively there are also these technotes which get you to the same information



or use the technote number (4029634) as the search argument at the ur:l www.ibm.com


If you look at the download page for the standard WAS fix packs (link example above), you'll see that each item you can download points to the FTP site. If you copy that FTP URL and just delete the filename from the end of the URL, then you'll be looking in the fix pack directory on the FTP site. You'll see the "WASEmbedded" fix pack listed there. You may also use the arrow pointing to a "Higher or Upper level" to get a broader.


You can navigate around the FTP site to find other Operating Systems and Fix Pack versions, too.

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