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Debugging Micro Focus COBOL applications with TXSeries on Windows

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There are limitations in debugging Micro Focus COBOL applications with TXSeries on Windows.


Animating a Micro Focus COBOL application with TXSeries on Windows platform has known issue while using the procedure mentioned in the relevant documentation. This issue is suspected to be due to security restrictions as suggested by later versions of Windows. Currently, the issue is being pursued along with Micro Focus, in working towards a solution. In the meanwhile, users having a requirement to debug their Micro Focus COBOL applications can use the following procedure to circumvent this problem. This procedure requires a work-around fix provided by TXSeries.

Note : All the users intending to use this work-around procedure, are recommended to contact their support representative.

(i) Install the fix as detailed in the respective Readme

(ii) By default, the CICS region service runs under the system account. The user should manually change the CICS region service to run as a local Administrator.
Go to Control Panel -> Administrative tools ->Services and change the cics.<region name> service to run as a local Administrator.

(iii) User is required to create a new program (eg anim_wait.ccp) to introduce a wait using EXEC CICS DELAY API and compile.

(iv) A new environment variable (ANIM_DEBUG) is introduced in this work-around fix. User needs to set this variable to the new program (eg anim_wait) name in the compilation environment. Compile the application source files requiring debugging.

Note: All the applications, compiled with ANIM_DEBUG environment variable will call the "anim_wait" program at the beginning. Compiling the application with this environment variable will automatically add the following line to your application code.
CALL '<program name specified in ANIM_DEBUG >' USING DFHEIBLK DFHCOMMAREA.

(v) Restart the region and then execute the application.

(vi) The application will wait when it encounters the delay that has been introduced in the program. You need to identify the PID of the CICSAS under which the application is running.
This can be done by either identifying the PID of the cicsas by running CEMT INQUIRE TASK on a CICS terminal or print the PID from your waiting application.

Note : All required changes are complete from TXSeries perspective to debug your Micro Focus CICS COBOL application.

(vii) User needs to now manually attach the identified CICSAS process by using the PID in the Micro Focus Net Express IDE as local Administrator.

(viii) Once attached , the delay can be cancelled manually using CECI CANCEL DELAY option

The above mentioned work-around procedure should be used to debug a CICS application using Micro Focus Net Express COBOL. Once the debugging is complete, the users are required to roll-back the changes done from points (i) through (iv). After the roll-back the users are required to recompile their application.

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More support for: TXSeries for Multiplatforms

Software version: 6.2, 7.1

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Modified date: 14 October 2011

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