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What is the difference between an SR and a PMR?

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Is there any difference between an SR (Service Request) and a PMR (Problem Management Record)?


Customer confusion regarding two commonly-used support terms.


Short answer: These terms mean exactly the same thing.

More detailed answer: A record of assistance that is submitted by a customer and used by a technical support professional is known by various names - "support case" and "trouble ticket" are two of the more common names in the support world.

Internally at IBM, we refer to each case/ticket by the term PMR, or Problem Management Record. Our internal tracking mechanism receives PMRs from customers, moves them between support queues, and presents them to support teams for action. All IBM staff refer to these items as PMRs.

IBM devised the term Service Request (SR) to represent a concept which directly describes what a customer is doing when they contact IBM - they are submitting a Request for Service. IBM's Support Portal allows a customer to submit a Service Request via our Service Request Tool (SR Tool).

A Service Request action performed by the customer results in the creation of a PMR.

Over time, the meanings of each term have blurred together and are now used interchangeably by both customers and staff. So please don't worry if you read what is initially "conflicting" information about your technician working on your PMR, or that you should "submit an SR" for assistance. They are one and the same.

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