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CRJCA0146E error when parsing friends document in LPA finalization step

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Attempts to run the Finalize step in the Lifecycle Project Administration (LPA) of the Jazz Team Server (JTS) setup process can result in a CRJCA0146E error.


From LPA Log Admin.log files:

ERROR - CRJCA0043W There was an error executing an LPA request with host

>>> GET https://<server>:9443/jts/jauth-proxy?url=https%3A%2F%2F<server>%3A9443%2Fccm%2Ffriends HTTP/1.1 CRJCA0031E An invalid OAuth configuration was detected.  Please make sure that the consumer key for the Lifecycle Project Administration application in the Jazz Team Server has a functional user.  Also, please make sure that the consumer keys for the Jazz Team Server in each application have associated functional users.

Setup step Error:

CRJCA0146E There was an error fetching and parsing the friends document from http://<server>:9443/friends. Please make sure that the application has been configured properly and that the setup has been finalized.

CCM Admin - Consumers (inbound): Missing jts_user in Functional User ID column.


This error is a symptom of a problem that has occurred during the setup process. Some possible causes:

    • Out of memory error during the setup process
    • WebSphere virtual host configuration error and failure
    • HTTP proxy configuration error

Defect that can affect the issue: DiscoveredLicenseKeyService uses getLocalServerURL which fails with virtual hosts

Resolving the problem

To resolve the problem you must add a functional user to the "Functional User ID" column of the application that is reporting the error message. In the case of this example, it is located in the CCM Admin site of the CCM application. User that is required was the jts_user, use the action button at the end of the row.

Run the setup once again. Assure that the LPA setup process as successfully finalized all steps.

Note: The default user for the "Functional User ID" of the Jazz Team Server in the CCM administration is usually named "jts_user". This is not necessarily an Active Directory/LDAP user. By default, is it not. If Active Directory/LDAP was configured you might have to choose an LDAP user ID since the user picker in the "Functional User ID" column list only users synchronized with Active Directory/LDAP.

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Refer to technote 1319600 for details and links.

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