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Localizing the Custom Header or Footer dropdown's document string in the Page Setup dialog box

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How to localize the Custom Header/Footer dropdown's "document" string in the Page Setup dialog box?


The "document" string displayed in the Custom Header/Footer dropdown is associated with the document's name. If the document's name is not set then "document" will appear by default in the dropdown.
Therefore to localize the "document" string, you specify a resource name and assign it a localized string value in the *.resx file for a particular language. In the associated *.Designer.cs file, you will also specify a property with a "get" accessor that returns the localized resource through the ResourceManager.GetString(String, CultureInfo) method for the "Resources" class. Through this property, you will set the localized string to the DiagramPrintDocument's DocumentName property before displaying the DiagramPageSetupDialog. For example:

DiagramPrintDocument doc = new DiagramPrintDocument(this.diagramView.Content);
doc.DocumentName = <namespace_in_*.Designer.cs_file>.Resources.<property_resource_name>;
DiagramPageSetupDialog dialog = new DiagramPageSetupDialog();
dialog.Document = doc;

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More support for: IBM ILOG Diagram for .NET

Software version: 2.0

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1509253

Modified date: 16 September 2011