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A CWTBG0013E error occurs when service data is retrieved using REST Service API for IBM Business Process Manager Advanced

Technote (troubleshooting)


When you attempt to retrieve data from the Java client, you might receive a CWTBG0013E error.


You might have a Java™ HTTP client that sends the following REST request to retrieve data:


In return, you might receive the following error:

"CWTBG0013E: The object 'xxx' does not exist; it might have been deleted in the meantime."


When you log into the business space to access the REST application programming interface (API), the following two cookies are created and passed back from the server:

  • LtpaToken2

The JSESSIONID cookie is the session in which you are working. The LtpaToken2 cookie contains the user ID and password that is logged in. When you send the REST request, you need to attach the cookies with the request, which identifies the sessions and user credentials, so the request is processed as the same sessions on which you worked.

Resolving the problem

To resolve this issue, save the JSESSIONID and LtpaToken2 cookies as the session identifier, and send those cookies back to the server when you call the REST APIs.

For example:

  1. Attach the same JSESSIONID and LtpaToken2 cookies and start the service by calling: "/rest/bpm/wle/v1/task/xxx?action=start"

  2. Retrieve the data by calling:

This approach ensures that both calls are processed for the same sessions with which you initially logged on.

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