Can Tivoli Storage Manager send aggregate objects to Centera.

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When CM (Content Manager) backs up file/objects to EMC2 Centera storage can Tivoli Storage Manager be configured to send aggregate of smaller files to the Centera storage units called C-clips?


When CM is backing up a large number of small files, this will cause the EMC2 Centera to store data inefficiently, and can cause storage space to fill up rapidly.


This is working as designed, because of Tivoli Storage Manager architecture and the way that Centera stores files, the files can not be sent as aggregate files to Centera. In order to have this changed in a future release a DCR (Design Change Request) needs to be submitted to your sale representative.

Note: this represents a major change to the Tivoli Storage Manager Server, so the request may or may not be accepted depending on the amount of demand.

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