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SQL30021N received from DB2 Connect 9.7 FP4 when downlevel clients attempt connection

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Upgrading DB2 Connect gateway to version 9.7 fix pack 4 causes clients to receive a SQL30021N error.


SQL30021N Execution failed because of a Distributed Protocol Error that will affect the successful execution of subsequent commands and SQL statements: Manager "0x1440" at Level "9" not supported. SQLSTATE=58010

The symptom is caused by a change that was introduced in DB2 Connect 9.7 Fix Pack 4 which sends incorrect DRDA data to the host database server.

Diagnosing the Problem:
You will encounter this symptom if you upgrade your DB2 Connect Gateway server to V9.7 FP4 and the clients that are connecting to the gateway are DB2 9.1 FP5 or below.

For example:
Client V9.1.5 -> DB2 Connect GW V9.7.4 -> DB2/zOS V9.1.5

Users Affected:
DB2 Connect servers affected:
DB2 9.7 FP4

DB2 Clients affected:
DB2 9.1 FP5, FP4, FP3, FP2, FP1

Possible workarounds to the issue are:
- Revert to previous fix pack release on the DB2 Connect Gateway
- Upgrade Clients to latest fix pack released

The resolution is to upgrade the DB2 Connect gateway to the fix pack level that contains the fix for APAR IC76415 which is DB2 9.7 Fix Pack 5.

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Information Management IBM Data Server Client Packages AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows 9.7

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Modified date: 18 November 2011

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