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TransportListener.ssl.truststore.password is not supported in ISKLM (z/OS)

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Is TransportListener.ssl.truststore.password a valid property in the ISKLM for z/OS configuration file?


According to ISKLM Planning and User Guide (IPUG) Appendix D (SC14-7628-00) and an older technote (since revised), TransportListener.ssl.truststore.password is a property for RACF keyrings:
Since RACF keyrings do not have a password, what should the following statements have coded for a password value?

Either omit these three statements from the configuration properties file or code them as follows:

config.keystore.password = password
TransportListener.ssl.keystore.password = password
TransportListener.ssl.truststore.password = password
Where password is, literally, 'password' (without the quotation marks).

However, TransportListener.ssl.truststore.password is not listed in other parts of the referenced document.


TransportListener.ssl.truststore.password is not a valid property for ISKLM (z/OS).

The IPUG and the online document regarding this property should be ignored and will be revised at a later date.

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ISKLM Security Key LifeCycle Manager

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