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CICS/VSE V2.3 was withdrawn from support on 31 October 2012. This coincided with the End of Service (EOS) date for z/VSE V4.2 which was the last release of z/CS/VSEVSE that fully supported CICS/VSE. This document contains a link to the Software service discontinuance announcement letter.


The Software service discontinuance announcement letter that says CICS/VSE V2.3 was withdrawn from support 31 October 2012 is 911-147.

The EOS date of the last z/VSE release (4.2) supporting CICS/VSE was aligned with the EOS of CICS/VSE and the CICS compatibility environment (CICS TS, CICS/VSE, DL/I). See z/VSE 4.3 changes to installation and run-time support for CICS/VSE 2.3 for more details.

See the Announcement Letters for CICS products if you are interested in upgrading to CICS Transaction Server for VSE/ESA or to the latest release of CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS).

IBM can offer a fee based service extension for CICS/VSE V2.3 if you need more time to upgrade. A service extension entitles you to continue to receive the level of support that you receive today using the same channels into IBM, including raising PMRs and APARs. If you would like to find out more about CICS service extensions, contact your local IBM Sales Representative:

  • US Customers, contact Customer Support Operations at 877-426-6006 option #2. If you give the support representative your customer number they can find your sales representative.

  • Customers in other geographies should refer to the IBM directory of worldwide support contacts to find sales contact numbers in your region.

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