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How do I successfully upgrade a Tivoli Storage Manager Version 6 server?


The Tivoli Storage Manager V6 server delivered many significant changes to the architecture of the product. The most notable change is the replacement of the proprietary embedded database by the IBM DB2 database. Because of the complexity of the DB2 product, there is an installation wizard that simplifies the installation of the components required to install and run a V6 server. The installation wizard is complex and might require some guidance.


The following sections provide information to help ensure a successful Tivoli Storage Manager V6 upgrade.

Pre-installation steps
Important guidelines
Deployment Engine issues
Pre-upgrade issues
Problems running the db2ckupgrade script
Component fails to install
Server fails to start after successful component upgrade
Problems after successfully starting an upgraded server
Problem Determination Guide

Pre-installation steps

To prepare for the server upgrade, review the following information:

Prepare your system environment for the upgrade. Detailed preparation steps are described in the technical documentation. The following list includes key tasks:
  • To administer your Tivoli Storage Manager V6 servers, install a Tivoli Storage Manager V6 Administration Center:

  • Back up your current server database and configuration files.

  • For each existing server instance, gather information about the corresponding DB2 instance. Collect the default database path, database name, database alias, database path, and any DB2 variables configured for the instance.
Tip: Consider upgrading to the latest patch directly. For example, if you are installing a V6.2 Tivoli Storage Manager server for the first time, you can go directly to the latest patch, which is currently You do not have to start with the V6.2.0 installation. After you have installed the latest V6.2.x server and its components, you can install the license from the licensed base V6.2 version.

Tip: If you are upgrading to Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2.2 on AIX, Linux, HP-UX, or Solaris, verify that the db2level command works (/opt/tivoli/tsm/db2/bin/db2level). If it returns an error, there might be an issue with upgrading DB2 and you should not install Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2.2. Instead, directly install Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2.2.1, the version in which this issue was resolved. If you already installed Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2.2 and are experiencing issues with starting your server, you might need to manually upgrade the server instances. See the following topic:


Important guidelines

Attention: Do not alter the DB2 software that is installed with Tivoli Storage Manager installation packages and fix packs. Do not install or upgrade to a different version, release, or fix pack of DB2 software because doing so can damage the database.

Before starting the upgrade, consider the following additional guidelines:
  • The Tivoli Storage Manager V6 installer is capable of upgrading your server without first having to uninstall the product. It handles both new installations and upgrades. Do not uninstall Tivoli Storage Manager products unless you are planning to completely remove Tivoli Storage Manager from your system.
  • Never remove the Deployment Engine from your system because this can cause problems when installing DB2. The DB2 installation is registered in the Deployment Engine. Therefore, the installer is dependent on a valid Deployment Engine to determine whether it should install or upgrade DB2. The installer also depends on the Deployment Engine to determine if the DB2 configuration must be run after the upgrade.
  • After completing the upgrade, back up the Deployment Engine again.

If issues are detected, review the information in the following sections. The links contain information about known issues with upgrading a Tivoli Storage Manager server. Most of these issues either have a workaround or describe where the problem has been fixed. Not everyone will see these errors, but given the time-sensitive nature of upgrade, it is recommended that you review the items. That way, if you encounter issues, you will be aware of the solution.

Deployment Engine issues

Deployment Engine failed to initialize because lock files exist
Deployment Engine failed to initialize due to invalid host name
Installation ends without installing components after Deployment Engine initialization

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Pre-upgrade issues

The installer prompts for old instance credentials during upgrade

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Problems running the db2ckupgrade script

Permission errors with db2ckupgrade executable
Incorrect DB2 authentication

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Component fails to install

If the server or storage agent upgrade fails, try installing the native package directly. To find the native packages for the server, go to the following directory in your installation media:

<installation media>/COI/PackageSteps/TSM_Server/FILES/TIV-TSMSRV-<platform>

If the DB2 upgrade fails, check the following directories for any logs containing the errors. In particular, look for a db2setup.log or installFixpack.log file:
  • UNIX and Linux:
  • Windows:
    C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\_uninst\plan\tmp\
    C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\_uninst\plan\logs\
    C:\Program Files Tivoli\TSM\

Ensure that DB2 is registered in the Deployment Engine and is at the correct level.
  • UNIX and Linux:
  • Windows:
    C:\Program Files\IBM\Common\acsi\bin\de_lsrootiu.cmd
    C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\db2\bin\db2level.exe

If the client API installation fails, check for any existing versions of the Client API and try to remove them. Then, reinstall the Tivoli Storage Manager server to install the Client API. See APAR IC72401. You can also try to install the native packages.

DB2 fails to upgrade on Windows when no instances have been created

Server fails to start after successful component upgrade

Problems after successfully starting an upgraded server

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Problem Determination Guide

For additional information, see the Problem Determination Guide.


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