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Accessing IBM Connections from a Mobile Device: FAQs

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This document provides a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the IBM Connections Mobile native application for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS.


Q: What level of server do I need?

A: The IBM Connections native apps must have an IBM Connections 4.5, 4.0 or a 3.0.1 server with the July 2011 mobile update (LO61851) or later installed.

The latest update for the IBM Connections 3.0.1 server is LO69809, which can be downloaded from IBM Support: Fix Central.

The latest update for the IBM Connections 4.0 server is LO73535, which can be downloaded from IBM Support: Fix Central.

The latest update for the IBM Connections 4.5 server is LO76350, which can be downloaded from IBM Support Fix Central.

Q: Are there any security features available?

A: Starting with IBM Connections 4.5 and 4.0 CR1 Refresh (Mobile CR1 (LO71566) and Mobile Admin CR1 (LO71729)), new security features have been added. Even though this support is in the aforementioned servers, it is recommended that you download the latest cumulative refreshes:

Q: Is there a way to manage some of the app features?

A: The IBM Connections 4.5, 4.0 and the CR2 refresh for IBM Connections server (LO69809) allow an administrator to configure the mobile app in several ways. See Customizing the IBM Connections Mobile apps for more information.

Q: Can some of the app information be pre-filled?

A: An administrator can provide the server information via a web link or email. See Using links to start the IBM Connections Mobile app

Q: Is there an email address that I can use to contact Connections Mobile support directly?


Q: What kind of support am I entitled to for Connections Mobile apps?

A: If you are having severe problems with the application, you are encouraged to contact IBM support to open a PMR. Through the support process, we will determine if the problem exists in the Connections app or the Connections server. Server-related problems will be addressed, and fixes made available through the IBM FixCentral support process. If your PMR requires a fix to the Connections app, the fix will be considered for an updated version of the app to be made available via the Apple Store, Google Play, or BlackBerry App World. Please note that the delivery schedule and process for obtaining an updated app differs from IBM FixCentral support, due to the app stores being a distribution channel.

Q: Is there a way that I can try the app without my own Connections server?

A: Lotus Greenhouse provides an IBM Connections server that supports the native apps.

  1. Register with Greenhouse (
  2. When you start the native app, use as the server and your greenhouse user id and password to connect.

Q: What iOS document apps work with Connections?

A: In order for a document app to be fully compatible with Connections, the Open In protocol must be implemented to receive documents and to send them back to Connections. Some examples are GoodReader and Documents to Go.

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